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The world's most comprehensive petfluencer analysis database

A total of 130+ million social media profiles, of which 600.000+ Petfluencer Profiles. Instagram, TikTok & YouTube

Search by the Petfluencer's characteristics OR by their audience. Find the perfect Petfluencer based on location, followers, engagement, topic OR their audience. NEW! Discover Petfluencer by their growth rate! And much more!

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Discover & Review

Search our Petfluencer database of more than 600,000 social media profiles from Instagram, TikTok & YouTube.

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Filter quickly & easily

20+ smart filters to find suitable Petfluencer for your marketing needs in manage lists

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All Petfluencer content pieces are updated daily. Campaign KPIs are provided in real time.

Creator Research

Find the ideal Petfluencer for your brand quickly and easily

When you click on a profile, you can access comprehensive information about the Petfluencer and their audience.

This way, you can get an accurate picture of who your target audience is when you choose that Petfluencer. Our platform gives you access to audience demographics and much more.

Unsere State-of-the-Art AI gesteuerte Petfluencer Profildatenbank bietet mehr als 20+ intelligente Filter um passende Petfluencer für deine Marketingbedürfnisse zu finden. Die zusätzlichen “Audience Report Analytics” geben Dir einen noch transparenteren & detaillierten Einblick in das Profil.

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Petfluencer identification

The largest Petfluencer social profiles database in the industry helps your business find petfluencers and get detailed insights into the demographics and psychographics of 130+ million influencers / 600,000+ petfluencers and their audiences across various social media on the internet.

No matter how specific your search is and whether it's on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, we'll make sure you have all the resources you need to make it successful. Searches include:

  • Petfluencer Age & Gender
  • Petfluencer site
  • Petfluencer language
  • Petfluencer categories
  • Petfluencer interests
  • Petfluencer Detail Analysis
  • Target group age & gender
  • Country & city of the target group
  • Target group interests
  • Size of the target group
  • Brands
  • Partnerships
  • u.v.m
Petfluencer Creator Research Explainer Petfluencer Identification

Audience data

Get a comprehensive overview of your chosen influencer, from audience metrics to interest affinity, previous collaborations and more.

Who is real? Who can meet your marketing needs? Also, apply specific filters for each social platform to find authentic creators: Audience Quality Score for Instagram, Channel Quality Score for YouTube, and Account Quality Score for TikTok. Transparent and fraud-free search for:

  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Follower & followings development
  • Lookalikes
  • Brand Affinity
  • Audience Language & Interests
  • Type / authenticity / accessibility of the audience
  • Posting comments quality
  • Brand mentions
  • Contact details
  • and much more.
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Petfluencer Network

Create your own lists and your own network of suitable Petfluencers for your respective campaigns. Analyze the list results by exposure, engagement, audience and quality.

While the list automatically calculates all the data of the Petfluencers in this list together and gives you an excellent overview of your campaign successes, you can make additional calculations by changing the number of stories, post and / or reels. Create lists for each campaign and channel.

Use the list and export the contact information of the Petfluencer, such as: Email, phone number to contact him directly.

Petfluencer Creator Research Explainer Network Zoom List

Find sponsored brand posts


Social listening is about monitoring social media channels for mentions of your brand, your competitors, your products, and more.

Social listening gives brands the ability to monitor and respond to the conversation about them on social media. It is an important component of target group research.

Use the Hashtag, Mention, Sponsored or Brand filters to find posts tagged with them, or simply click on popular tags to see its posts.

Petfluencer Creator Research Explainer Social Listening

Verification of suspicious followers

Find out wannabes with the fake and ghost follower analysis of our powerful solution.

Nothing is worse than burning your budget and making your brand look untrustworthy. Because, enormous reach does not necessarily bring sales.

The result of working with influencers who use fake followers is little to no ROI and, in the worst case, damages your brand!

In our Petfluencer analysis, we also directly show the number of possible, existing fake followers, as well as the credibility of the total followers. 

Petfluencer Creator Research Explainer Fake Follower

No compromises!

Everything you need to run successful influencer marketing campaigns.

We don't believe that you can only use certain features, while competitors with more budget treat themselves to the whole program! 

At we have basically unlocked all features. Only your budget determines how many detailed Petfluencer profiles you can view. This is fair and transparent.

And yes, we also let you talk to us if you are, for example, a startup, want to book a longer period of time permanently or also want to access our agency services. He who does not ask, does not win 😉 

And now it's time to finally get started. We are looking forward to your request!

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