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New Service: Content Creation

Petfluencer Blog Content Creation

You know how it is: You take care of your daily business, your products. The online store has to be maintained, staff meetings are scheduled and one or the other offer is still waiting on your to-do list. And then you remember that you also have to take care of social media, and you have to do it regularly! Phew...

What does our new service include?

  • High quality & professional texts
  • The matching hashtags
  • individually designed contribution images
  • In monthly subscription
  • Cancelable at any time without minimum term

You should post several times a week on the various channels. On Facebook, Instagram, but also, for example, LinkedIn or XING. But you don't have time or you lack the creativity or simply the professional idea of how and what.

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief because we are here to offer the ultimate content creation service. Our experts write the posts for you and deliver on time every week. Even twice a week or more if you want!

Not only our Creator Search platform uses artificial intelligence, no, the Content Creation Service also relies on this model. However, the articles are always written by former journalists and trained writing experts from a wide range of industries. We specialize in turning even complex topics that require explanation (e.g. certain pet services, food supplements, functional snacks, pet hardware, etc.) into attractive social media posts.

  • Is the service anonymous?
    • Absolutely! We never reveal that we work for you and remain anonymous in the background.
  • What am I allowed to do with the contributions?
    • We transfer the unrestricted rights of use to you and you can use the delivered social media post as you wish.
  • How many characters do the posts have?
    • It also depends on which platform we're creating the content for. Some platforms also have a maximum character limit that we can't exceed. Basic guidelines are:
      • ~1200 characters (LinkedIn)
      • ~1000 characters (Facebook)
      • ~700 characters (Instagram)
      • ~700 characters (XING)

We are also happy to send sample articles upon request.