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New score system and more power metrics

petfluencer blog header scoring metrics 2022

With the new score system, we have been busy developing the platform over the last few weeks and have added or enhanced many new features.

What's new?

  • New scoring system
  • Average Real Plays
  • Reels engagement
  • Reals Views Engagement Rate
  • Proposed prices per post / story
  • Petfluencer contact details
  • Direct campaign request

Score System

With our new scoring system we offer a fast and secure overview of how well a Petfluencer profile performs.

The score is a metric from 0 to 100 that combines the Petfluencer's engagement (engagement rate, follower growth, likes growth) and audience ( trustworthiness, location, and reach) into one score.

petfluencer score
The score directly shows both positive and negative characteristics of the profile
petfluencer score poor
The poorer the engagement, the poorer the score

New metrics

In addition to the new score, we have also expanded the metrics again. Newly added are now

  • Average Real Plays
    • This is the average sum of the last 30 reels played
  • Reels engagement
    • The average total engagement of the reels of the last reels
  • Reals Views Engagement Rate
    • Average engagement rate of average reel views
  • Proposed prices per post / story
    • Average price for 1 IG post or 1 IG story, based on the benchmark in the Petfluencer's region, engagement, and number of followers.
petfluencer suggested price post story
  • Petfluencer contact details
    • If available, we now show the direct contact details of the Petfluencer. This can be the e-mail, mobile number or other contact options
petfluencer contact details petfluencer
  • Direct campaign request
    • Über die neue Schaltfläche “Campaign Request” kann nun direkt über das Profil eine schnelle Anfrage für ein Kampagne erstellt werden.
petfluencer direct campaign request
Just send a short request incl. budget.

All metrics at a glance

petfluencer new metrics 2022

If you are interested in more now, please feel free to contact us for a register free demo.

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