Inhouse Campaigns

Our experienced team helps your brand to work with the best petfluencers. With our unique know-how we develop and implement creative and data-based influencer marketing campaigns and offer a 360° service in petfluencer marketing.

We support you in every step you take – wether you’re new into Social Media campaigns oder experienced user.

If you use our in-house service, we accompany you from the first idea to the final implementation of your campaign.

We define the product or your service and work out a reasonable concept together. We explore goals together with you and find the core message to be conveyed.

You already bring your own hashtags and straplines with you or we will define them together. We describe Do’s and Dont’s, what the Petfluender is allowed to do during the campaign and what not.

Our database with currently over 7,500 petfluencers provides you with the perfect match for your campaign. So we can present your product optimally, with the perfect target group and even special interests.


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Our Inhouse team is looking forward to create great campaigns